Week 2 Highlights | Dana White’s Contender Series

14 Rgs 2021
128 040 Peržiūros

Check out the highlights from week 2 of season 5 of Dana White’s Contender Series. New episodes air every Tuesday at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.

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  • "Looks like I got another... Nigerian" 😂 **Abraham Lincoln has entered chat** 🤣Pause Dana, just pause ⏸.

    Jaime LeonJaime LeonPrieš 4 val
  • How freaking preatty.. hot is Laura !!

    Miky ॐMiky ॐPrieš 6 val
  • I watch this for laura sanko

    awaaljowderawaaljowderPrieš 7 val
  • 4:50 laurasanko liked the guy 😂😂

    ben_jowherben_jowherPrieš 7 val
  • On this night they Sold their soul-

    Open Your EyesOpen Your EyesPrieš 8 val
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    • I met mr Brian for the first time at a conference in Portsmouth, I invested £4,000 , traded for a month and got a profit of over £49,760

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    • @Frëd This is the kind of info we don't get from most LTsoftrs . I will get In touch with him right away. I'm really impressed

      Cory HendricksCory HendricksPrieš 8 val
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      FrëdFrëdPrieš 8 val
  • Good to see Chidi make his way back into the UFC.

    savvy830savvy830Prieš 10 val
  • Dana, please Buakaw in the Ufc

    ®️est ℹ️n 🅿️ea©️e®️est ℹ️n 🅿️ea©️ePrieš 12 val
  • ltsoft.info/down/tZ2Tg4rMj8Pcjcg/vaizdo-ra-as here is real fight

    run runrun runPrieš 14 val
  • Very strange... these guys will not make any money in the ufc. Why would they want to fight for the ufc so much.

    egshaneegshanePrieš 15 val
  • Dana calling grown men kids sucks!

    olawale abdulmajeedolawale abdulmajeedPrieš 15 val
  • beltran slammed the kids face into the mat my goodness

    jakejakePrieš 16 val
  • Dana refers to every fighter on his roster as "kid"

    Syndic CallsSyndic CallsPrieš 16 val
  • It’s kill or be killed you better get knocked tf out or knock someone tf out if you got a chance to fight in front of The Godfather Uncle Dana.

    RichieRichiePrieš 16 val
  • Wow, these men were going thru the fire! Fierce fighting no doubt…..

    Anthony MartinezAnthony MartinezPrieš 17 val
  • Respect to all contenders and congrats to those that secured a contract. Dana satisfied. I love the UFC!

    Asenoguan IdahosaAsenoguan IdahosaPrieš 23 val
  • Fubar the pay hating.. I love Dana, UFC should be WWF attitude era.. on free and paid by every advertiser in every country for free viewing.. it would be watched that's the thing

    David GronowDavid GronowPrieš 23 val
  • 4:16 lol

    DDPrieš dieną

    High QHigh QPrieš dieną
  • 4:15 did his head ever bounce LMAO

    High QHigh QPrieš dieną
  • I really love that Idris Elba guy so much. Especially with his deep voice 😂😂

    Azka AzkiyaAzka AzkiyaPrieš dieną
  • It should be mentioned Njokuani took 3 hard groin shots prior to stopping Sousa. Guy is tough as hell as well as offensively talented.

    rkingsivrkingsivPrieš dieną
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂💝💝💝💝💝💝✌✌✌✌✌

    Tool MachineTool MachinePrieš dieną
  • Bro its like 20 mfs named oliviera tied to the ufc 🤣

  • this was pretty dope ngl

    heavvy eyesheavvy eyesPrieš dieną
  • We all know what's happening New way to shut up fighters pay issue

    hardcore herbivorehardcore herbivorePrieš dieną
  • I think the Josh Quinlan guy will make it far

    Landon CubeLandon CubePrieš dieną
  • The violence here

    Karabo MoleleKarabo MolelePrieš dieną
  • Dana giving out cheap contracts so he can cut all the old veterans making good money. I still miss yoel romero.

    TheRealNascarTheRealNascarPrieš dieną
  • Dana seeing dollars signs 💵💵💵💵💵

    Ross PurtonRoss PurtonPrieš dieną
  • Josh Quinland looks savage

    FrxBassFrxBassPrieš dieną
  • 0:45 that ‘woo’s the most grasped up voice on a man..w/MJ in thoughts 😅

    G7 C6G7 C6Prieš dieną
  • Laura Sanko might just be the least annoying commentator

    iwasdroppediwasdroppedPrieš dieną
  • Best fighters by DWCS

    AligaToRAligaToRPrieš dieną
  • Ever since khabib I feel like everyone is praising god lmfao... praise yourself your the one that did it. Yes I'm talking about the Asian dude.. you can tell it's forced just chill and take your win

    Mr DocMr DocPrieš dieną
  • Dana: You couldn’t have a better debut tonight…I will reward you… Fighter: Hey uncle Dana, can I get paid a little better so that I can buy groceries and pay rent? Dana: I’m gonna pass on this kid. He is not wanting to fight and he is long in the tooth. He also tried to kill my neighbors dog and was responsible for 9/11 (#neverforget).

    george vgeorge vPrieš dieną
  • Dana calling all the fighters kids really pushing that next generation to look at him like Uncle Dana fr lmao

    Manny323Manny323Prieš dieną
  • Njokuani is smart. Threw those weak punches like he’s tired and his elbow was in the dudes face the whole time 😂😂

    Alex CasillasAlex CasillasPrieš dieną
    • 😭 👇👇 ltsoft.info/down/sqPbaKG-lKXYpbI/vaizdo-ra-as

      Mc RegorMc RegorPrieš dieną
    • Sad😭😭 👇👇 ltsoft.info/down/sqPbaKG-lKXYpbI/vaizdo-ra-as

      Mc RegorMc RegorPrieš dieną
  • That Vergara dude came for that contract.

    Alex CasillasAlex CasillasPrieš dieną
  • 5 more fighters about to get ripped off

    Shane HindsShane HindsPrieš dieną
  • hell yeah good to see the ufc growing so big WHO WILL BE THE NEXT CASH COW?

    Owen CollinOwen CollinPrieš dieną
  • Fresh Blood. UFC became kinda boring. Good luck to them 💪

    Oasice PlaytimeOasice PlaytimePrieš dieną
  • Good fights last week let’s see what they have to bring tonight!

    Michael RojasMichael RojasPrieš dieną
  • get hardy back to replace sanko

    rod.rod.Prieš dieną
  • Nasty knee to the body. Keep posting these highlights please. SO happy for these guys, looking forward to big things for them

    AgentCody Banx8AgentCody Banx8Prieš dieną
  • Slim pickings🤡

    WillWillPrieš dieną
  • Everyone's a kid in Dana's eyes 🤣

    MarsellisMarsellisPrieš dieną
    • He been doin this 😂

      Petros BabinnPetros BabinnPrieš dieną
  • Nah maverick sumin different tho😳😨

    Eugene PearsonEugene PearsonPrieš dieną
  • 1:38 DC ma Boy telling the story of his Title fight with Stipe Miocic

    Nabeel AwanNabeel AwanPrieš dieną
  • Flyweight goin be lit

    Eugene PearsonEugene PearsonPrieš dieną
  • This sport is an opportunity not a career remember that before you have lasting disability.

    Ari KAri KPrieš dieną
  • Uncle Dana turned to "El Padre" Father Dana will all those kids showing up tonight

    Cuddly the Snuggly Cuddly the Snuggly Prieš dieną
  • Contracts just being handed out

    Pablo RamosPablo RamosPrieš dieną
  • Another Nigerian in the UFC, go Chidi!!!!!

    francesco tamayofrancesco tamayoPrieš dieną
  • These were great to watch live

    BernieBerniePrieš dieną
  • 5k to show/5k to win

    Moe LorgatMoe LorgatPrieš 2 dienas
  • i love seeing the looks on the fighters faces when they get the contract its nice to see the rise of new fighters and their success i know how hard you have to work for it

    hihiPrieš 2 dienas
  • Glad the other njokuani brother finally made it to the ufc.

    corwin scorwin sPrieš 2 dienas
  • These guys ain't ready it's pretty pathetic. Not saying they wont be someday but none of these guys are at that level... besides Josh q

    barth's burgersbarth's burgersPrieš 2 dienas
  • 9 fights contract for 3 ares :)))

    HrvojeHrvojePrieš 2 dienas
  • 4:14 Beltran just made his head BONK into the canvas lol

    Cheesy PumpernickelCheesy PumpernickelPrieš 2 dienas
  • Fighter pay? Na, let's bring in some new blood

    The Furious BananaThe Furious BananaPrieš 2 dienas
  • Hasn’t Korea fought in the ufc before?

    Nico RepettoNico RepettoPrieš 2 dienas
  • And you get a contract, and you, and you.

    Brian TryinBrian TryinPrieš 2 dienas
  • 'he landed' ... thanks dc, got any other words you'd like to try?

    clive ramsbottyclive ramsbottyPrieš 2 dienas
  • 'he landed' ... thanks dc, got any other words you'd like to try?

    clive ramsbottyclive ramsbottyPrieš 2 dienas
  • Dana should run for president some day

    MongrelMongrelPrieš 2 dienas
  • love Love LOVE this Contender Series, watching these kids' dreams come true; watching these fresh young lives suddenly drastically changing forever. "...Come get your contract" wow *chills*

    22vx22vxPrieš 2 dienas
    • UFC only change drastically their life if they become popular and high ranked, lower rank would get low money that not worth the effort

      Ida SupriIda SupriPrieš 20 val
    • Some of them a full grown adults bruh

      LLife NzLLife NzPrieš dieną
    • Their lives arent drastically changing lol their gonna get paid shit money for their hard work

      Barry JerryBarry JerryPrieš dieną
    • 😭 👇👇 ltsoft.info/down/sqPbaKG-lKXYpbI/vaizdo-ra-as

      Mc RegorMc RegorPrieš dieną
    • Sad😭😭 👇👇 ltsoft.info/down/sqPbaKG-lKXYpbI/vaizdo-ra-as

      Mc RegorMc RegorPrieš dieną
  • Laura sanko is my love

    Dario EstradaDario EstradaPrieš 2 dienas
  • quinlans fight was pure savagery :D

    Hans HazeHans HazePrieš 2 dienas
    • He'll be fun to look at :)

      FrxBassFrxBassPrieš dieną
  • people saying dana giving out contracts too east sit tf down. they all deserve it, they fought like their life depends on it.

    nade bobnade bobPrieš 2 dienas
  • (In my Oprah voice): "You get a contract" 👉 "You get a contract" 👈

    Cameron GoreCameron GorePrieš 2 dienas
  • I have a shirt with ur name ;D

    SA MORI tu !SA MORI tu !Prieš 2 dienas
  • youtube.com/shorts/QXKAq00UwEE?feature=share

    el houcine mensouriel houcine mensouriPrieš 2 dienas
  • Quinlands punches are going thru the targets. Not at it.

    Rugged BimmerRugged BimmerPrieš 2 dienas
  • 6:25 Dana throwing shots at brendan loughnane 😂

    MaartenMaartenPrieš 2 dienas
  • Thumbnail looks like a shredded MoistCritical.

    hello wellhello wellPrieš 2 dienas
  • When Dana is bored 😂

    Alfie DelaAlfie DelaPrieš 2 dienas
  • Njokuani is not going to last long in the ufc

    taylor faoataylor faoaPrieš 2 dienas
  • Uncle Dana handing out contracts to everyone

    mmadigestmmadigestPrieš 2 dienas
    • @DreamsIntoReality “poor” is right. Imagine being top 20 on the entire planet in your weight class in the biggest mma org ever only to barely make ends meet after you pay taxes, sometimes in multiple countries and pay your team. It’s sad

      PrematureEjaculationMakesGirlsFeelPrettyPrematureEjaculationMakesGirlsFeelPrettyPrieš 2 val
    • @Rupert Murdoch you must be confused. I don't care about Trump I ain't even caring if he dies now, on the other hand, you support Biden who is a pedo and extremely evil, even worse than Trump Who needs curing now lmao definitely ain't me

      DreamsIntoRealityDreamsIntoRealityPrieš 8 val
    • @DreamsIntoReality Trump does, and you are brainwashed by evil to think otherwise. Trump was best friends with epstein, and the only reason he became president was to destroy all the evidence and have him killed. You support child rapists because you are brainwashed by the most evil force on planet earth. If you would like to be fixed, please let me know, I'd happily fix you.

      Rupert MurdochRupert MurdochPrieš 9 val
    • @Rupert Murdoch perhaps will be considered if you weren't a hypocrite who is supporting a sexual predator who sniffs kids and women and is a kkk lover

      DreamsIntoRealityDreamsIntoRealityPrieš 11 val
    • @DreamsIntoRealityYou are brainwashed at no fault of your own by the most evil force on planet earth. I have all the necessary facts to fix you, would you like to be fixed?

      Rupert MurdochRupert MurdochPrieš 13 val
  • I thought it was Benson Henderson in the thumbnail 😂

    MaartenMaartenPrieš 2 dienas
  • Herb dean can literally throw fighters with his bare hands

    Sumit MukharjeeSumit MukharjeePrieš 2 dienas
    • ltsoft.info/down/1Y6koXGriJGYp5U/vaizdo-ra-as

      Ba GoaiBa GoaiPrieš dieną
    • @Cuddly the Snuggly right

      Sumit MukharjeeSumit MukharjeePrieš dieną
    • @bnegs521 ohh never knew

      Sumit MukharjeeSumit MukharjeePrieš dieną
    • Herb used to fight at heavyweight

      bnegs521bnegs521Prieš dieną
    • He must be at light heavyweight, walking around 70 lbs heavier than them, ofc he can throw them around

      Cuddly the Snuggly Cuddly the Snuggly Prieš dieną
  • 1:31 that is Eddie's wife screaming at the background

    BoRN T®!¶¶¥BoRN T®!¶¶¥Prieš 2 dienas
  • I feel like Dana just says the same stuff about fighters. Lol just re wording it

    Battle Rapper- JaredBattle Rapper- JaredPrieš 2 dienas
  • Lovin' that music at 3:27

    Brandon KBrandon KPrieš 2 dienas
  • Bruno Korea man wtf hahahah

    Brandon KBrandon KPrieš 2 dienas
  • Since the covid era this show is to give contracts to whoever wins basically. Prospects with a lower price tag vs veterans on a high budget

    José FloresJosé FloresPrieš 2 dienas
  • Fighting like their careers depend on it!

    Matt ReedMatt ReedPrieš 2 dienas
  • These recap videos are awesome!

    A WA WPrieš 2 dienas
  • WTF this is week one footage

    Wally & TonyWally & TonyPrieš 2 dienas
    • This was last week

      Lazy_LabourerLazy_LabourerPrieš 16 val
  • is dana on roids those biceps are huge man

    Feldspar24Feldspar24Prieš 2 dienas
  • CJ Vergara REALLY impressed me last week. Suprised me. Really likable personality too. And Quinlan is a fkng MONSTER! Contender series been pumpin out a ton of sick fighters

    Johnny BaconJohnny BaconPrieš 2 dienas
  • I hate it how he calls em kids

    Milad MercyMilad MercyPrieš 2 dienas
    • Chill out, kid.

      ErrorNoctisErrorNoctisPrieš 2 dienas
    • Have you ever met someone from Boston?

      clayton davidsonclayton davidsonPrieš 2 dienas
    • It shouldn't bother you, he's uncle Dana!

      Robin THIEBAULTRobin THIEBAULTPrieš 2 dienas
  • Paddy "cash cow" pimblet

    the reaperthe reaperPrieš 2 dienas
  • Can’t stand Sanko man… why do they always have to have women ruin everything fun? Are you sure you wanna hear a hag yell when a KO happens? Cause I sure as hell don’t

    Let me offer you thisLet me offer you thisPrieš 2 dienas
    • @Abdulkarim Elnaas like I said I fucking hate her voice and I’m 100% sure I’m not alone, especially as UFC fans aren’t progressive soy boys. We wanna keep guys commenting a majority guy sport. I can’t even imagine how irritating it’d be to hear a woman scream "OOHHHH" after a KO.

      Let me offer you thisLet me offer you thisPrieš dieną
    • @Let me offer you this Not broken yet, but maybe breaking. IMHO Felder, Bisping and Cruz have been beating the iconic trio of DC, Joe, and Anik recently. I think we should give Laura a chance to fit in and test her chemistry out with a few of the commentators before we pass judgement. For example, I could see a trio of Cruz, Felder and Laura doing well. Having a new player gives the UFC far more flexibility, especially since most of their commentators are big shots and famous in their own rights. I'm sure that Laura isn't going anywhere because removing her so soon could be a bad look for the company. No one looks at the casters when gauging the value of a PPV anyways.

      Abdulkarim ElnaasAbdulkarim ElnaasPrieš dieną
    • @Abdulkarim Elnaas still can’t have Sanko on the main show. Guarantee you PPV buys will tank, why fix something that isn’t broken?

      Let me offer you thisLet me offer you thisPrieš dieną
    • @Let me offer you this Honestly I feel like DC has been pretty awful the last few cards so I was happy to hear Laura taking the reigns. That card with DC and Bisping casting was an absolute travesty.

      Abdulkarim ElnaasAbdulkarim ElnaasPrieš dieną
    • @rkingsiv yeah she can't be on the main show tbh. The day that it happens I'll be watching without the sound, no kidding. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

      Let me offer you thisLet me offer you thisPrieš 2 dienas
  • Very good rispe 😋ltsoft.info/down/04e2dZ2rYqzXm7Y/vaizdo-ra-as

    fiza kashan fiza emanfiza kashan fiza emanPrieš 2 dienas